Our Mission

The mission of the Coalition for Education Partnerships (CEP) is to assist educators,  parent/family members, and community-based organizations in supporting all children to reach their highest potential and increase their readiness for a post-secondary college education. Our experience suggests that deep and lasting organizational or institutional change takes time and involves collective effort and commitment. To support the needed personal reflection, dialogue, assessment and planning we offer:

  • Instructional Coaching
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Response to Intervention
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Evidence-Based Teaching

Our Approach

Coalition for Educational Partnerships (CEP) assists districts and schools in creating a culture of openness and high academic achievement. CEP services and tools are designed to help teacher, families, team leaders and administrators create new, efficient processes for reaching their goals. We use a scaffolded approach because we believe that when students, families, and educators embrace new learning with claim and confidence, they are open to new ways of thinking and doing. With heightened expectations and powerful new tools to expand students learning opportunities, academic achievement improves, test scores go up, and school performance improves.

We believe a system of clear expectations for student achievement promotes educational equity. This equity is ensured through universal access for all students which are the cornerstone to our educational philosophy. The result of our continuing collaborative professional development efforts with educators, families, community partners, and post-secondary institutes gives assurance to students actually achieving their true potential for academic success. When this success is attained, when there is no measurable gap between the academic performance levels of student subgroups - then, we will have achieved true educational equality.

Professional Development Overview

CEP recognizes the critical need for developing 21st century skills. Our professional development offers a series of workshops which will prepare your district/schools to take your classrooms into the 21st century! You will be ready to move forward with incredible curriculum, classroom strategies and resources - guaranteed to excite your students, increase their learning, develop 21st century problem-solving skills, and (inadvertently) your students will easily conquer and surpass Common Core State Standards!