Assessment and Evaluation

Although high-stakes standardized tests tend to dominate the public discourse concerning assessment, exemplary teaching is informed by multiple forms of assessments that enable educators to fully observe and analyze student learning and make connections between their teaching practices and student academic outcomes.

CEP provides professional development to assist educators with identifying the barriers and solutions for achieving desired learning outcomes. CEP also facilitates the identification and development of an evaluation process for determining whether a school site’s instructional programs and services are effectively meeting teaching and learning needs.

Our Approach:

  • Systematically measures the impact of curriculum and instruction on student achievement
  • Utilizes multiple assessment techniques for identifying and addressing student learning gaps

CEP Assessment and Evaluation goals include preparing teachers to:

  • Evaluate, adapt, create and implement a variety of assessments to improve teaching and learning
  • Articulate the intended and observed relationship between planning, instruction and assessment
  • Analyze student assessment data for evidence of students’ skills, knowledge and thinking
  • Utilize insights from analysis of assessment data to guide instructional practices and decision-making
  • Draw upon assessments in order to provide specific, timely, meaningful oral and written feedback that helps promote students’ learning, engagement/motivation, self-regulation and meta-cognition

Administrator and Teacher Participants Gain:

  • The ability to identify, organize and frame key professional and academic performance goals for teaching staff
  • Awareness of how to restructure organizational resources and work processes that support teachers’ use of the new CCSS and RTI
  • Opportunities to increase teacher leaders’ ability to create, implement and evaluate assessment and evaluation programs
  • Improved confidence and efficacy to prepare, implement and utilize assessments that provide accurate data about student performance to improve evidence-based instruction