Family and Community Engagement Services

CEP fundamentally believes in the transformative impact of family and community engagement on student achievement. Guided by research and practice, we know that when schools meaningfully engage families and community:

  • There are demonstrated improvements in student performance outcomes (e.g. grades, test scores, matriculation and graduation)
  • Students are more likely to take and pass academically rigorous classes
  • Parental involvement at home increases
  • Schools are better able to garner external community resources to fill unmet needs

While schools recognize the value of family and community engagement, CEP understands that competing priorities, time and resource constraints and knowledge gaps often prevent schools from effectively engaging families and schools as student success partners.

Our Philosophy

CEPs Family and Community Engagement Services are founded on a culturally-relevant and responsive model for building and sustaining a collaborative and holistic college-going student support system. Our Family and Community Engagement Services are designed to:

  • Recognize, value and build upon the social capital and currency of families and communities
  • Foster the building of family learning and knowledge within the context of understanding school and community culture
  • Facilitate stronger connection and collaboration between schools, families and communities

Family and Community Engagement Services

CEP offers the following educational Family and Community Engagement Services to schools, districts, service providers and community and faith-based organizations:

Parent and Family Training – The CEP Parent and Family Training is a program curriculum focused on empowering families with the knowledge, skills and tools to become actively engaged and involved in impacting the academic achievement of their children, with a particular focus on ensuring that families are equipped to assist their students with being academically ready and prepared to pursue post-secondary higher education at the college and university level.

Family and Community Engagement – CEP assists schools with developing and implementing targeted engagement strategies to increase family and community participation in and beyond the school site

Community Partnerships – CEP provides facilitation and technical assistance to assist schools with establishing systems and structures for building and sustaining impactful school, family and community partnerships