Common Core State Standards

The goal of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is to better prepare students with the skills necessary for success in college and careers.  CEP will provide educators access to a strategic professional development that includes transitioning phases that lead to a thorough implementation of the CCSS. Full implementation of CCSS systems will occur over a series of professional development workshops and activities in the context of a continuous teacher learning process.

Our Approach:

  • The Awareness Phase - represents an introduction to the CCSS; the initial planning of systems implementation and the establishment of staff collaborations
  • The Implementation Phase - expands the new professional learning supports; fully aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessments; and effectively integrates these elements across teaching and learning practices
  • The Transition Phase - concentrates on building foundational resources; implementing needs assessments; establishing new professional learning opportunities and expanding collaboration between all stakeholders

Professional Development Goals:

  • Understand alignment gaps between the old and new standards, and classroom lessons and units
  • Maintain the rigor of the state’s reading, writing and mathematics academic content standards
  • A course of action for looking deeply into the standards to understand key content and vertical articulation of ideas
  • Develop instructional frameworks and generate quality assessments to inform and drive evidence-based instruction
  • Address achievement gaps of ESL, special education and diverse learners

Administrator and Teacher Participants Gain:

  • A sense of how students understand how the subject matter relates to real world issues
  • Ability to engage students in complex and meaningful problem-based tasks
  • Strategies to mediate learning through critical higher-level questioning
  • Facility with prompting students to generate new ideas and apply knowledge in diverse contexts
  • An understanding of how to recognize and build upon the knowledge and strengths that students bring to the learning experience