Response to Intervention

CEP is primarily focused on high quality core instruction for all students. The tiered levels of RTI are focused on differentiated evidence-based small group instruction for students identified as being at risk for poor learning outcomes.  With RTI, CEP can assist districts and schools in monitoring student progress and adjusting the intensity and nature of the intervention depending on a student's responsiveness.

Our Approach:

  • Assisting with integrating and aligning CCSS and RTI to prepare students for meeting rigorous college and career expectations
  • Training and facilitation in implementing a comprehensive, coordinated and customized school-wide plan for successful implementation
  • Establishing an ongoing, systematic progress monitoring systems and protocols that evaluate student learning goals and the effectiveness of instructional interventions

Professional Development Goals:

  • The ability to construct a multi-tiered intervention system to identify scientific, research-based instruction, unique to the teaching and learning needs of all students
  • An understanding of how to provide horizontal and vertical alignment of assessments, instructional practices and progress monitoring
  • Methods for ensuring fidelity when implementing support systems, including the tools and approaches used to implement and monitor the intervention process

Administrator and Teacher Participants Gain:

  • Confidence in effectively collecting, organizing, analyzing and utilizing data to inform decision-making
  • A greater appreciation and desire to collaborate in order to problem-solve and engage in the sharing of best practices